Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best shopping through Online

Most of the people don’t have enough time to spend for shopping which is needed for home. This has become easier nowadays where they can easily buy the products through online. Online shopping is going to play a vital role in trade market due to lack of time in our busy life.

DVD, clothes and many other stuff that we want, and sometimes the stuffs or price that offered on the internet is cheaper than in the commonly store, and the stuff that available on the internet more complete. where the user can select easily without any complete knowledge on computer in order to do online shopping shop.com just by knowing the credit card number they can buy and also most of the shopping malls offering the free delivery which save the transportation charges.
Even with the online shopping like this is very easy and simple. We just see the products offered on the website and make transactions online without having to leave the house again. When shopping online we can leave the page and contemplate the purchase where at a store we have more of an impulse to buy. It looks like shopping online is easier to me. I don't have to leave the comfort of my own home; I can cook supper and shop at the same time.

Friday, December 26, 2008


quality of service refers to the capability of a network to provide better service to delect the network traffic over various technology. quality of service can provide different priority to different users or data flow , or gurantee a certain level of performance to a data flow in accordance with request from the application program or the internet service provider policy. in the streaming multimedia application some user want to perform VCR function such as farward, rewind, random access etc. this is the essential feature of the handling interactive VCR functions in proxy server environments. the VCR function are used for fast forward rewind and random access.

in addition to regular playbacks of streaming multimedia objects. its a desirable for a proxy server to efficiently handle interactive VCR functions for streaming multimedia objects applications. the fragmental proxy-caching scheme can naturally handle user interactive VCR functions due to its symmetrical objects fragmentations.

A proxy cache that efficiently manages the streaming of multimedia data in the proxy cache is proposed to improve the quality of the streaming multimedia services. the proposed system used a cache replacement based on the user request arrival rates for different multimedia objects and play back rates of various objects which makes the download very fast

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is the worst performance by the England team as they tour against india in india soil. since they lost all the 5 one day international matches against the home team India and their bad time continues in the test match too giving 0-1 lead to the Indian at the end of the 1st test. Apart from the English captain Kevin pieterson and Owais shah, noone scored well and even the bowlers failed to pick the wickets routinely. In Indian side, Yuvraj singh is giving his best with bat as well with his bowling skill. He scored two centuries in consecutive matches and won the man of the match award. He still maintains the English bowler to bowl with fear which was started in twenty twenty world cup quickest 50 knock. Sehwag and Gambhir are also giving good partnerships at the opening wicket and Dhoni is consistent with the bat. Zaheer khan is back to the squad with a lot of stuff in him and took most of the English wickets in both ODI and test series. Trully Indian are proving that they are the better side than the England team.

Monday, December 8, 2008


the most amazing photos consider by me is posted below.
its most difficult to get these collections which is being submitted by me. these photo are rare to see in some parts of the world.most of the people would like to search these amazing photo which they would not seen it before.


Celebrated as a religious and secular holiday by most Americans, Christmas is among the biggest holidays in the US. One major American contribution to the Christmas tradition is the turkey - a fowl native to North America - and now regarded as a Christmas dinner staple. Other Christmas treats include pumpkin pie, candy canes and eggnog.

In New York, the Rockfeller Center Christmas tree has become a top attraction. Put up since 1931, it has become symbolic of Christmas in the Big Apple. The massive spruce - which can be 30m in height - is a sight to behold, bejewelled with glittering lights and topped with an elaborate star.

When it comes to ushering in the New Year, Americans usually celebrate with a party the night before. A common theme is the masquerade ball where guests play dress up and unmask after midnight. In Times Square, New York, thousands of revelers gather for an annual countdown that has been custom since 1906. At a minute to midnight, a giant ball descends from the top of a tall pole as people count down to the New Year. A huge hit with tourists and locals alike.

With its Portuguese roots, American ties and native customs - Mexico celebrates a hybrid version of Christmas steeped in holiday's Christian heritage and country's cultural norms. Nativity scenes or Presepio are common in churches, homes, and stores, as is a folk play called Los Pastores (The Shepards). In the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, there is an unusual pre-Christmas festival called Noche de Rabanos or Night of the Radishes, where master veggie-carvers turn the humble but strikingly colored root vegetable into wonderfully elaborate sculptures of saints and nativity scenes. Corn husks and dried flowers are also used to create a dazzling array of intricately fashioned art pieces.

Nines days before Christmas Eve, a procession dubbed Posadas - essentially a reenactment of the journey of Mary and Joseph as they sought shelter in Bethlehem - is held where 'pilgrims' travel from door to door seeking shelter. It is arranged such that only the third home will welcome the 'pilgrims'. Following a prayer session, a party is held for children, complete with a piñata, a papier-mache receptacle filled with candy, fruit and treats.

At midnight on Christmas Eve, the birth of the Christ Child is heralded with fireworks, bells and whistles. Unlike many other parts of the world, children in Mexico only get gifts on 6 January, on Dia de los Reyes Magos(Day of Three Wise Me). But increasingly, many are adopting Christmas Day as the day for the exchange of presents.

New Year in Mexico is a similarly elaborate affair with huge street festivals, complete with music, dancing, food and the clamor of fireworks held on the eve. Some New Year traditions include eating 12 grapes for luck as the clock strikes midnight!


Dark Knight Oscar chances just brightened considerably.

The late actor scored his first major posthumous win of the awards season, as he was named Best Supporting Actor today for his demented Joker job by the Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association.

The Fox Searchlight flick keeps padding its award résumé, having been named Best Picture by the National Board of Review last week.


Who knew that the first thing you would hear after being hired to dance for britney would be, "Fill this, please."

A source tells E! News that, in an effort to keep the on-track pop star free from negative influences, her camp is requiring that all of her backup dancers submit to drug tests.

"They all had to be drug tested and, if they didn't pass, they were fired," the insider says.

"I think they only do it for her because she is under strict watch. I think they just want good influences around her," the source adds, noting that drug testing is not common practice.

Considering Britney spends a hefty chunk of time with her fellow performers—and is going to be next year with a number of them—it's understandable that those who look after the Circus star want to screen her stagemates ahead of time.

"It's going to be a pretty big tour," says Robert Baker, the studio director at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, where Spears frequently rehearses. "They're going to have a three-ring circus with live animals, so it's probably stricter liability."

"I don't think it's a common practice, but each artist is different," Baker tells E! News, referring to the drug-testing issue. "Everyone is just trying to safeguard against any foreseeable problems."